Thursday, August 20, 2015

#193 Cowing Collect

After the news of the moose mount became known, it didn't take long for me to come up with this particularly pun-filled episode!

Monday, August 17, 2015

#192 Lion Lament

Cecil the lion was a magnificent animal who was harming nobody, lived in a national park, and was a tourist draw which bolstered the local economy. His killer paid around the US median household income to travel thousands of miles for the sole purpose of shooting him - not for food, but for the pleasure of it. I have to wonder, who is the more 'noble' creature?

#191 Darkmoon Thoughts

I was doing the Darkmoon engineering quest on an alt when the closing pun for this episode came to me. I did see and really enjoyed the movie. One person said of it, "Imagine if Pixar took the mood of the first ten minutes of 'Up!' and did a whole movie like that." I wonder how many of us have our "Islands of WoW" anchoring the landscape of our personality?

#190 Goblin Up Attention

Sadly, it says a lot about today's GOP that Donald Trump is the leading contender as I write this for the party's nomination. Hmm, I wonder how Garrosh Hellscream would poll if he were to throw his hat into the ring? On second thought, I don't think I would want to know.

#189 A Swift Change in Policy

While I'm most definitely not in the typical Taylor Swift demographic, I must sheepishly (cowishly?) admit that I find some of her songs catchy enough to be earworm material. Her ability to prod Apple into changing course made me go, "Hmmm..." regarding Blizzard's sudden about-face with flying.

#188 Strange Change Indeed

This week's episode merges two real world events into one ODN - the kurfuffle over Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner's transition, and the massive "here, please take my money!" kickstarter for Shenmue 3. I wish Caitlyn all the best, and hope the game lives up to such a massive expectations mountain.

#187 No Flying Zone

Like Deflategate, the controversy over flying in WoW is a seemingly never-ending source of material. A gift that keeps on giving!

#186 Bending the Rules

The Deflategate "scandal" looks like it will be providing ODN fodder for some time to come!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

#185 Message For You, Sir!

Okay, I'll admit it - I detest PvP. I play Warcraft to relax, and PvP instead gets my heart rate racing and turns my mood angry. Now, I get there are a lot of people who enjoy it. I'm fine with that. But what I have never understood is why Blizzard forces people who have no interest in PvP into battlegrounds for some non-PvP achievements. I worked hard to get the pieces for my auctionbot, but those last three that come from Ashran are the roadblock. I was able to score one with a fortuitous discounted auction buy, but the other two are still way overpriced in my opinion. Perhaps after Legion comes out the price will finally crash. But I won't be surprised if Legion contains its own "must do PvP to get this cool thing" element. Argh!

#184 Prize Partisanship

The brouhaha over the Hugo Awards served as inspiration for this week's episode. Hopefully the WorldCon organizers will be able to find a way to prevent such ballot hijacking in the future.

#183 Shattrath Sightseeing Special

This is one of those episodes where I had the closing pun pop into my head, and built a story to lead up to it. Sometimes this works really well. Other times...not so much. I'd put this one in the middle of the pack - good for a groan, but not knocking it out of the park. Hey, they can't all be great!

#182 Letter of the Law

I couldn't resist dipping my toes back into political waters regarding the GOP's efforts (led by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton) to sabotage negotiations with Iran. As it turned out, their efforts failed, at least in the near term. I still have yet to hear any of them lay out in detail their alternative plan. It's easy to criticize and throw wrenches, far more difficult to actually govern and deal with complex problems.

#181 Deadly Forecast

As a native of Boston now living in Miami, I had to be careful to empathize with my snow-buried relatives while not mentioning too often that I had to turn my heat on once during the entire winter. Hopefully they'll never get to return the favor by having a hurricane come visit me!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

#180 Talk of the Town

The departure of Jon Stewart from the Daily Show is truly a great loss, though it's sad that a comedy show was often the best source of news analysis in America today. But how could I resist a pun like this episode's closer? My apologies to my good friend Rho for dragging him into the mess. :-)

#179 Passing Out

I grew up in Boston. I suffered through decades of the Red Sox playoff disappointments - 1975 against the Reds, 1978 against the Yankees, 1986 against the Mets. So I totally understand how Seattle fans felt when the Seahawks snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I was whooping with joy when that pass got picked off. Go Pats!

#178 Picture This

For all the fanfare of the selfie cam introduction, it quickly faded as a feature. It's a pity that patch 6.1 gave us selfies instead of compelling story to follow on to the initial Draenor leveling experience.

#177 Under Pressured

In the time since I recorded this episode, WoW has moved on to new raids, but the NFL is still talking about Deflategate!

#176 Shovel Ready Follower

Okay, admit it - you sent Lantressor to the mines, didn't you? If Blizzard wanted him to be out in the field of battle, they shouldn't have given him that mining skill!

#175 Cowardly Commander

With apologies to our Alea Iacta Est guild leader - I'm certainly not inferring that adult fans of a certain children's show are lacking in courage. On the contrary, it takes lots of courage to admit you're a fan! :-)

#174 All Fired Up

These anniversary pets are cute and all, but make sure your fire insurance policy is paid up!

#173 Toying with Security

In case you were ever wondering where the ogres in Outland got those crystal the story can be told!

#172 A Real Snow Job

You would have thought Blizzard would have learned its lesson from back in Pandaria (remember the scroll in the monk starting area that everyone had to burn?), but apparently not. Little did we know that those telescopes would get moved from Buffalo to Boston for the rest of the winter!

#171 A Distinguished Voice

The trailer for Overwatch at Blizzcon was a big hit, so it was a prime target for the ODN spin. I will admit the closing pun still makes me chuckle!

#170 A Pox Upon Thee!

Governor Christie sure took a tough line against ebola - a lot of good it did him for his presidential campaign.

#169 Crashing the Gate

You really didn't think I would let Gamergate go uncommented upon, did you? :-)

#168 Orcs Play Chell Game

The reactivation of the Dark Portal gave me the opportunity to pull out all those Portal puns I'd been dying to use!

#167 Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

The announcement of Hewlett-Packard breaking up was just too good to pass by as material. And Carly Fiorina's entry into the GOP race only has made it more apropos!

#166 Big Project Gets Bashed

The discovery of the Shellshock vulnerability reminded me of how often the Titan's work gets co-opted for evil purposes!