Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#165 Azeroth on the Air

This is another case where I came up with the final pun first, while driving down the road listening to Prairie Home Companion. It was so obvious - how could I have not thought of it before! I had no clue at the time as to how I would spin an episode out of it, but as it turned out once I got writing it actually came together pretty quickly. I actually had to cut a few other programs due to time - "Morning Sedition" bringing you up to date on the latest Rebellion news from Vol'jin, the dwarven cooking show "Gristle and Ham Hock", and "Flask Me Another", a humorous quiz show about alchemy.

#164 Challenge Declined

The ALS ice bucket challenge was all the rage this summer, and even my raid team (FERT) did a version of it, with a group shot under one of the inlet pipes around Immerseus (helped out by our frost mages). But who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of undead (or the places where their hearts once were)? Not all water is suitable for pouring!

#163 Anniversary Burger Bash

It would seem that more and more of my episodes start with a final pun taking root in my mind, and I find a way to build a story around it. Such is the case with this episode. Had I known at the time, I could have tried to slip in a Tim Horton joke, but with only 90 seconds to work with it would have been tough.

#162 Food Fight

I follow Alton Brown on Twitter, and I was remembering his Iron Chef days when it hit me (like a frying pan?) - Iron Chef...Iron Horde...there's an ODN episode here! Little known trivia fact: Alton and I got our pilot licenses from the same flight school north of Atlanta.

#161 Service with a Snarl

When Veronica Belmont and Ryan Block tried to cancel their Comcast account, the ordeal that the customer "service" rep put them through went viral. I knew the moment I heard it that I had my topic for this week's episode!

#160 Goals and Competition

This episode is a mashup using Tim Howard's impressive performance in goal for the US World Cup team, and the departure of Rob Pardo from Blizzard. I couldn't miss the opportunity to use a Riotously bad pun at the end.

#159 Second Rat Politician

The whole Sharknado thing just makes every bone in my meteorologist body wretch, but if I can squeeze an ODN out of it, I guess it's a case of making lemonade from a lemon shark.

#158 Buffing No Charge

I'm glad that reforging is going away in the next expansion, but until then...