Saturday, June 7, 2014

#157 And Away They Go

Well, the alpha for WoD has dropped, and since I raid with a bunch of podcasters, I had the bittersweet experience of being happy for all my friends who got invites, while knowing I was one of those left behind. So why not make lemonade out of lemons by engaging in some pseudo-apocalyptic news reporting!

#156 Taste the Rainbow

I was a bit too old to be the target audience for Reading Rainbow, but it was nice to see it make a comeback. And boy I wish there was a Raiding Rainbow program!

#155 A No Brainer

Karl Rove's obvious smear of Hilary Clinton regarding her health was par for the course for him, so I felt little compunction in slamming his virtual version in this week's episode. The whole Wizard of Oz riff revealed itself to me as I was writing the script, and once I'd gone down that path I knew I had to find a way to work in the pun at the end!

#154 Something Fishy

The controversy over net neutrality was big in the news, and an obvious target for the ODN treatment. My only regret is that I didn't have a good way of calling out the shameful fact that the current head of the FCC was once head of the cable industry trade association, and an old head of the FCC is the new head of the cable industry trade association. This revolving door situation is utterly shameful, like the fox and the farmer switching hats, while we're the chickens in the coop.

#153 Open Mouth Insert Boot

The comments of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling provides a boatload of material for this week's story. I had no trouble casting Garrosh in the Sterling role, but it took a few minutes before I hit on the goblins as the object of Garrosh's disdain. I thought the switch to the "short" race made for a nice counterpoint to reality.

#152 The Need for Speed

This week's episode is a shout out to Tom Merritt, who has honored me with kind words about ODN in the past. Looking forward to seeing him at Nerdtacular in July!

#151 Retired of All This

David Letterman dropped this week's idea smack in my lap when he announced his retirement. Stephen Colbert being crowned as successor gave me the chance to reveal a little known fact about Vol'jin's education as a bonus!

#150 Alpha Blues

Reaching the 150 milestone brings a great deal of satisfaction! It coincides with the two year point of me taking over ODN from Acuzod, and sometime this summer I'll hit my own 100 episode mark. It's been a great ride and I look forward to pressing on into year three! For this week's story, the publishing of more details regarding WoD gave me a hook, especially the upcoming retirement of the venerable MPQ file type.

#149 A Virtual Disaster

This was one of those episodes where the pun came first, followed by the story. Facebook buying Oculus Rift presented the obvious pun, and so the challenge was coming up with a framework that would lead up to it. Hey, if the cart is more compelling than the horse, I'll find a way to put it in front!

#148 A Brann New Me

This episode was a shout out to Kristian Nairn (Hodor in Game of Thrones), who publicly came out in March of 2014. I know he's been on The Instance before, so the fan-boy side of me would like to believe that he is a listener, sticks around for the end of show segments, and heard this episode. Hey, a segment producer can dream, can't he?

#147 Shack Down

I was saddened to hear that Radio Shack was going through tough times - I wouldn't have gotten into computers had it not been for a chance encounter with a TRS-80 my sophomore year in high school. In the way too many years since, I've bounced back and forth between jobs in meteorology and computers. So this week's ODN is an homage to a store I spent way too much time in as a kid.

#146 Signs of Discrimination

The Arizona measure allowing businesses to use "sincerely held beliefs" to refuse service to gays was easy pickings for an ODN segment. I try to keep the political content here to a low level, but sometimes the story just calls out for it. This was one of those cases.

#145 A Surprising Departure

Ken Levine's decision to close down Irrational Games was a sad one for me - I've been a fan since the System Shock and Thief days. But how could I resist using the news to slip in another "arrow in the knee" joke, and comment on the announced ability to buy further straight to 90 characters?

#144 A Draining Experience

Listener Grimm provided the story idea for this week's episode, riffing on the spate of cruise ship virus outbreaks. Hopefully the closing pun won't make you any more ill than the virus itself!

#143 Multi-cola-ism

The furor over Coke's "America the Beautiful" Super Bowl ad was fertile ground for an ODN episode. I just re-watched the ad, and it still makes me misty-eyed.

#142 Snowmagladen

Having spent six hours traveling 15 miles in Atlanta's Snowmageddon, I knew immediately that it would be the subject of this week's ODN. As I write this in June, I now know I'm moving to Miami in a month, so hopefully I'll never have to deal with a snowy commute again.

#141 UnbeBieberble

It's almost a given that child stars will get wild when they "grow up". I couldn't resist taking a shot at Justin Bieber and his tangle with the law, especially when it gave me a chance to use such an awful pun to close the report!

Friday, June 6, 2014

#140 Bully for You

Chris Christie gets the ODN treatment as a result of the Bridgegate revelations. Good thing I live in Azeroth and not New Jersey, so I shouldn't have to worry about retribution.

#139 Free but Foolish

The Duck Dynasty controversy provided ample fodder for this week's episode. I must admit I miss the "old" Jaina.

#138 A Questionable Gift

This week I follow up on the NSA spying on Warcraft story, and mix in a conspiracy theory with Google Glass. At least, I think it's a theory!

#137 The Spy Who Ganked Me

Sometimes truth is much stranger than ODN stories. The revelation from Edward Snowdon that the NSA had been spying on people in Warcraft was one such item. But that didn't stop me from putting my own spin on the situation!

#136 Exit, Stage Left

This was my tribute to Greg Street, who had just announced he was leaving Blizzard. Sorry for the not so great sound quality - I was using my headset mike while traveling.

#135 No Fly Zone

Greg Street dropped the news (just before leaving Blizzard) that we would once again be ground-bound to start the new expansion. But it turns out there is a nefarious reason why!

#134 Promises, Schmomises

President Obama's unfortunate statement of, "If you like your plan, you can keep it" and how it came back to haunt him provides the source material for this week's news report.

#133 We Didn't Start the Fire

This episode didn't draw from current news, but rather from my noticing how empty the towns were during the Hallow's End holiday. This made it pretty much impossible to put out the fires that the Headless Horseman was starting.

#132 Your Cheating Old God Heart

This episode drew from the allegations that the Red Sox pitchers in the 2013 World Series were putting a little something "extra" on their pitches.

#131 Pan Ham

Okay, I've fallen way behind in getting reports onto the site - my apologies. This episode was based upon the some Twitter news, with a bit of sequestration drama mixed in.