Sunday, September 29, 2013

#129 Political Tactics Prove Unbeerable

I prefer to avoid partisan political stuff in ODN, but sometimes the news of the week demands I "go there".

Monday, September 23, 2013

#128 Dragon Across the Finish Line

The NASCAR cheating scandal was too good a topic to pass up. And if you liked the training montage with the Hidden Master, hopefully this episode will bring a smile to your face :-)

#127 A Tangled Web

Garrosh may consider himself master of Azeroth, but it turns out he isn't the master of his own domain name!

#126 Blaine's Bizarre Behavior

Miley Cyrus provides the inspiration for this week's episode. But I can't blame her for the bad pun at the end - I must take responsibility for that :-)

#125 Everybody Must Get Stones

Brackenwall Village residents pay a heavy price to play Blizzard's new game!

#124 Just Say No to Sha

If you've been curious what the Sha of Anger has been up to now that the war has moved to Orgrimmar, "no good" would be a good description!

#123 Litter Causes Royal Problem

Royal births are complicated affairs - but even more so when there are several secrets being kept!

#122 Have Fun Storming the City

The Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftains learn that the road to hail is paved with good intentions!

#121 Blood Elf Bankruptcy

It would seem Detroit and Silvermoon City are sister cities - but not in a good way!

#120 One Long Layover

On the run, but still bringing you the news!

#119 Cleanup on Aisle Barrens

They don't make wagons like they used to!

#118 They Are All Ears

I wonder of the Alliance has someone akin to Ben Franklin warning about giving up freedom for the illusion of security?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

#115 Justice Served - Litterally!

Those of you old enough to remember the reference that Blaine is making, enjoy your AARP membership! :-)

#114 Where Have All the Players Gone?

ODN pays a heavy price for our journalistic excellence!

#113 Patch Wars

Continuing from last week, BioWare tries to take advantage of Blizzard's policy change.

#112 Pay Per Patch

Blizzard finally moves away from the subscription model!

#111 Police Punish Proudmoore

Reese Witherspoon provides the inspiration for this week's segment!

#110 News with a Negative Spin

This episode is a bit meta - the gnome is based upon one of my professors in college. Little did I know that a few months after I made this a good friend of mine would almost be killed by one of the big tornadoes near Oklahoma city. Storm chasing is risky - be safe and take shelter.