Saturday, April 6, 2013

#109 Trolling for a Leader

The election of Pope Francis combines with the ongoing leadership struggle in the Horde to form the basis of this week's ODN.

#108 Something Rotten in the State of Halfhill

With the debate on immigration reform heating up, ODN once again dips into political waters. To hire, or not to hire, that is the question!

#107 Pandaren Party Problems

I don't like to inject politics int ODN too often, but the overwhelming dominance of the sequester story in the news made it pretty much impossible to not do so.

#106 Brewery Goes Down the Hatch

Sometimes the news stories that inspire my ODN segments can be a bit obscure. This week is one of those times. I was listening to NPR's "Planet Money" and they did a story on the takeover of Grupo Modelo (the maker of Corona beer) by Anheuser-Busch. Not long after I heard one of Revngeek's always-funny "Real Azerothian Heroes" segments. And soon after that I had my story idea.

#105 Wrong Turn at Irkutsk

The explosion of the meteor over Russia was an obvious choice for an ODN segment, and even gave me a chance to stretch my vocal cords a bit!

#104 Foresaking the Foresaken

Sometimes multiple news events combine into one ODN story idea. This week's story is a mashup of the Pope's resignation, the conspicuous absence of Sylvanas Windrunner from Pandaria, Marco Rubio's thirst during his reply to the State of the Union address, the Weather Channel naming winter storms, and our guild leader's devotion to "My Little Pony". Let me tell you, it was tough cutting it all down to 90 seconds!

#103 Power to the Party

This week's ODN draws inspiration from the world of sports -- specifically, the power outage at the Super Bowl.

#102 Song Gets Glee in Treble

Unsurprisingly, I'm a big Jonathan Coulton fan, so as soon as the Glee/JoCo bruhaha blew up, I knew it was going to get the ODN spin. Sylvanas isn't as nice as JoCo about being ripped off!

#101 Scam in the Sand

This episode was inspired by the recent kerfuffle over whether Herbalife is a real business or a pyramid scheme. I never know what news story of the week will get me thinking, "How can I apply this to Warcraft?"