Saturday, December 15, 2012

#97 One Percent Drop Rate

I had a lot of fun crafting this one. I wonder if anyone will take a liking to the E Pluribus Slay'em guild name and create one!

#96 The Day WOW Music Died

Especially after Russell Brower's interview right after Thanksgiving, I couldn't resist revisiting the "Disney buys Blizzard" alternate universe to have some fun with his previous work on Animaniacs.

#95 Secession Is a Bunch of Bull

Another week where the story idea just fell into my lap, but I decided to have some fun twisting it around a bit.

#94 No Laughing Matter

First it was Gamon, now a top goblin comic. Who next will feel the wrath of the Kor'kron guard?

#93 Why - Because We Bought You

Sometimes coming up with a weekly story idea can be a real challenge. And sometimes the idea just falls into your lap gift-wrapped. Thanks for the gift, Disney and LucasArts!

#92 Dying To Get Insured

When the hackers managed to run around killing everyone in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, I knew I had to revisit the health insurance debate. :-)

#91 Gamon Gets It

Gamon lets his guard down, and pays the price!

#90 Pandas In Fringe

These lawsuits are patently ridiculous!

#89 A Voice From Afar

Acuzod returns!

#88 Gaming The System

The debut of our rogue reporter, Thraxxis!

#87 Princely Problems

Anduin turns out to be a royal pain!

#86 If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

The dark secret of Koltrane the!

#85 A Leak Has Sprung

Some surprising revelations result from a data breach at Blizzard. The rumor that I lead a secret life as a television meteorologist is completely unproven.

#84 Name That Scam

Beware those bearing promises of personally named items!