Friday, August 3, 2012

#83 Big Bags Bedevil Blood Elves

Any resemblance to a real world airline is purely coincidental (especially since the president of said airline is a friend of mine :-))

#82 Voter ID Law Gets Fixed

Gwen Armstead finds a silver bullet to solve the problem with the voter ID law. Hmm, perhaps that's not the best analogy to use...

#81 Election Law Has Unexpected Flaw

Who'd have thunk it?

#80 Let the Games Begin

My other big hobby is playing board games -- so I couldn't resist finding a chance to do a mash up!

#79 Pets Prove Problematic

My very own "Wag the Dog" episode -- Alludra and OMF took to the Alea Iacta Est forums to go to "war" as a result!

#78 No Healer for You!

The Alliance Supreme Court obviously disagreed with Chief Justice Roberts!