Friday, September 9, 2016

#221 Spoiling for a Fight

The storylines strewn across the Broken Isles are many and varied, from the mundane to the shocking. And, sadly, many have been spoiled by thoughtless "OMG!" postings in guild chat. But is there a limit on how much to push back against these revelations? ODN explores the issue in this week's segment.

#220 Babel-ing On

Those big ships hanging in the sky during the Legion invasion event started the idea for this episode cooking, and it didn't take long to cram a bunch of HHGttG references into 90 seconds. Sadly, there were a ton more I had to leave on the virtual cutting room table. Douglas Adams, we lost you too soon. :-(

#219 They All Fall Down

The pre-patch invasion event certainly got people playing again (and allowed me to complete my stable of Earthing Ring level 100 character classes). But the Doomsayers certainly did have a strange effect on some people...

#218 Why You Peon Me?

The Pokemon Go craze consumed the country, so it was a natural for bringing over into Azeroth. The peons were not amused, however!

#217 Electile Disfunction

Although it may not seem that way from the number of political topics creeping into ODN, I really am looking forward to this election season being over!